Six weeks left!

In SIX WEEKS, Dave and I will be meeting the rest of our cohort in Los Angeles before flying off to Samoa.  It’s about time – we’ve been looking forward to it since the day last March when our Peace Corps Placement Officer asked us if we would be interested in a placement in the South Pacific Islands.  I told Dave we shouldn’t spread the word around until it was certain – which he agreed to.  Of course, as soon as I hung up the phone I emailed, called, and texted everyone I could think of.

A few weeks ago, we watched a movie called Samoan Wedding – about four guys who are told to shape up or risk being banned from all wedding parties in the future.  It’s available on Netflix Watch Instantly if you’re interested.  I learned more about Kiwi culture than Samoan culture, but there was a tiny bit of Samoan dialogue – and the most HILARIOUS wannabe white gangster character ever.  It’s worth watching just for that.

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1 Response to Six weeks left!

  1. Lydia Pielmann says:

    Hey Karen and Dave, we are so happy for the two of you! Keep posting!

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