So, you wanna write me a letter?

Here is a friendly message from the Peace Corps to everyone who knows us.

Sending packages.  Family and friends like to send care packages through the mail.  Unfortunately, sending packages can be a frustrating experience for all involved due to the high incidence of theft and heavy customs taxes.  You may want to try to send inexpensive items through the mail, but there is no guarantee that these items will arrive.  We do not recommend, however, that costly items be sent through the mail.  You may use the following address to send letters and/or packages to your family member until he/she has informed of a different address:

David Nacmanie or Karen Corey, PCT
Peace Corps
Private Mail Bag
Apia, Western Samoa
South Pacific

***NOTE***   There is NO zip code.  If you put a zip code I am not going to get it.

Now, since it takes 3 to 6 weeks for mail to get there, you might as well start writing your letters now.

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