San Diego!

We had an exciting weekend in San Diego!  Jo and the kids are doing very well.  The cats are now well-adjusted to visitors and the hot tub was as perfect as ever.

Friday, Karen and I went to October Fest. LAME.  We’ll post pictures later, but really San Diego needs to work on this festival, although it was nice to see several tents promoting energy efficiency and green technologies.

Saturday we went looking for a camp site at San Elijo State Park.  Unfortunately, they were full.  Instead, Jo and I went to Barona Casino and won $105 in 10 minutes at the blackjack table.  Later that afternoon we went to Mission Bay for some kayaking.  Spirits were high getting there, but when it came to getting in the water some people were hesitant.

Jo and Dante were thoroughly enjoying themselves on the kayak trip.

In the end Dante decided he enjoyed kayaking, but not until after he got back to dry land.

He chose not to go out for a second trip.  So he learned how to use my camera.  Here is one of his shots.

Dante's first shots.

On Sunday, we went to the Chinese festival at Balboa Park.  It was quite the show, and all of the concessions were extremely reasonable.

We finished each of the evenings with dinner at home and time in the pool.  This was the first visit where the hot tub was bearable for more than five minutes.  This was due to the mega dose of rain that is slamming San Diego and Los Angeles.  Maybe it will be a bit greener in a few days.

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  1. Nice pics! Just checked the United Airlines website and it says your flight to Apia is at the gate. Glad to hear it. I’m sure you’re exhausted and excited from the trip. Give us a call or drop a note when you have a chance. Love, Mom.

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