Back from the Doldrums of no internet!

Since there is no easy way to sum up the last month and a half of adventure in one blog post, you can all expect an EXPOLOSION of posts in the next few days. We will do our best to start from the beginning and tell the story as it happened.

Here in Samoa food is extremely important. Beyond eating meals, town meetings start with food, conversations with unknown people/families start with food, and in general we all eat a lot of food. Upon arrival to our new host families back in October we were given the best food that Samoa has to offer.

However, before you can eat this wonderful food, you have to find it, prepare it and then finally cook it. This is no easy task and requires hours of work. Here is one of my (Dave) new host brothers at work in the plantation with me. While not the best picture of Kapeli, you can see the boat, the coconuts, and the dried/fresh coconut palms. I think the dried ones were used for the fire, and the fresh ones are woven into super strong baskets.

For understandings sake I will give a picture of the entire family, however, this picture was taken at the end of my time with the family. It shows most of the People, but certainly not all who I lived with. This is not the best picture, but it shows the most people.

From top left: Seilani, Kapeli, Fa’alele and Tafa’ima’a.
Next row: Kisa and Metala
Next row: Vaine, Dave, Salagi, Situa, Mauigoa
Bottom row left: girl w/notebook (I don’t know her name), Alofa, Muliauma, and Sefulu.
Front: girl wearing the red t-shirt (I don’t know her name.)

Missing from this picture is. Rei, Semi, Kasper, Vi, Se’epa, and another girl whose name I am unsure of. These are all of the people that live in the house with me.
Here is a nice little family tree if you want to understand how the basic family is related. If you want to know everyone ask me.

After eating lots of food everyone rests. Naps can be had at any point during the day. However, the more you nap during the day the less you sleep at night. So it seems like they only sleep about 3-4 hours a night.

So that is Dave’s family. They are a very nice group of people.
That’s all for now. All is well.

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  1. Tebbie says:

    Thanks for sharing I enjoyed readign very much!

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