Internet at our House!!

Good news! As of yesterday, we have dial-up internet at our house! It may be a little slow, but that means we will be able to update much more frequently and we can start giving you a better idea of what our day-to-day life is like here in Samoa. Send us a comment if there’s anything specific you want to know about.

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2 Responses to Internet at our House!!

  1. Very cool! Will you be able to use skype? That would be awesome!

  2. Aunt Debbie says:

    I would like to hear about your teaching if you are doing that or when that will start and what ages you will be teaching. I love reading your blog and have your little yellow house photo as my desktop photo. The questions I have about that photo are whose small animals in the yard and why do you have a gallon of water balanced on the barrel? Any particular books you want sent? Eclectic?

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