Kicking off the New Year without a bang.

The New-Year here in Samoa has simply started off extremely busy. Karen and I have made our house our priority until work starts in a few weeks. Karen has busied herself making curtains, and cleaning the endless amount of dust. Since we have a bamboo and thatch roof, there is no end to the dust that falls. Recently we have started hanging plastic sheets to the rafters to catch the dust. I have busied myself fixing the plumbing, and making our shelves/racks. We have also made a huge effort getting our garden going. We have tons of veggies and fruits sprouting. Sometime next week we will start to transplant into the ground. Since we have spent so much time doing these mundane chores we do not have any new stories or super cool pictures.

Tonight we are going to the National Magic Circus of Samoa. We aren’t allowed to take any pictures, but we will be sure to write about it.

For those readers who have some burning questions please post them. This will give me some fuel for what to write about next. I am sure that once school starts we will have a new flood of posts, but at the moment the creative well is dry.

Be well.

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3 Responses to Kicking off the New Year without a bang.

  1. Glad to hear you’ve got some fruits and veggies growing. My burning question: can you access skype with your dial up connection?

  2. Rich says:

    Very cool! I guess this comment will try to cover all of the posts in one. I finally figured out how to find the blog! It appears that you guys are really enjoying the experience of Samoa- minus the heat and bugs- but, it certainly appears the positives far outwiegh the negatives. I will go back and reread some of the posts, but I was wondering how far into the mountain/jungle you had to travel, and how often. Also, what type of resources do you aquire there? Just wood? Or, do men also still have to hunt for food at times?
    You should be recieving more seeds soon as well. (In a series of letters) Glad that the garden is sprouting! Herbs are the next items on my list for sending. I also just bought some strawberry seeds, but I don’t think the climate in Samoa is a good one for them. I guess you will find out! Eventually.

    If I think of any more questions I’ll be sure to post them. It is early, and I havent even had my coffee yet! But, we have you guys in our thoughts daily! Take care and keep up the posts. It’s very enjoyable reading for all of us spoiled stateside folks!

    Love, Rich

  3. Rich says:

    Oh. I almost forgot!

    Happy New Year!

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