Gardening in Samoa is EASY.  If the entire world was like this everyone would be a farmer and there would be no need to mega grocery stores.  Of course there is a 4-5 month window of no food from start to harvest, but with proper planning this window only exists in the beginning.

The best parts about our garden is not just the plants growing in it, but the materials we have to get it going and keep it living.  Here is how it works.

First we don’t throw away our egg containers.  Save those little buggers.  We fill them with soil from the ground… not some plastic bag from a store.  Then using your pinky make a little hole in the center.  Drop in a seed.  Cover with soil, and repeat until the whole egg crate is full.  Then water.

Some seeds/plants like it warm and wet, while others like it warm and dry etc…  For example  watermelon loves it warm and wet, but onion does not.  On the right is onion… or should be.  On the left is watermelon.

Sometimes the plants outgrow the egg tray before the ground is ready so they move up to cans or a few little pots we bought.   Since we don’t really make any money the $2 per pot price tag made them a bit cost prohibitive.  We did break down and buy a few, but the cans are working just fine.




Finally when the ground is ready, which is a bit more than just tilling we transplant from the egg trays or pots into the ground.  The ground around our house is first covered in grass, which is easy enough to remove.  Underneath is a rocky mess.  Volcanic rocks are especially fun to remove because if you hit them they break apart.  So you have to be gentle in removing them..  Once they are out they make a nice retaining wall that drains well.

So you see the garden is growing well, and looks nice. This ALL happened without the aid of fancy fertilizers and pesticides and tools.  Seeds obviously came from some good willed citizen who took the time to buy them and package them or collect them.  Thanks to those people who I call seed benefactors.

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2 Responses to Garden

  1. Carly says:

    looks really nice. can’t wait to have my own.

  2. Call me a seed benefactor! Nice garden!

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