Life at home

Our house is coming along very nicely. We finished building our suitcase shelf above our bed with old wood siding. I think it is teak because of the number of nails I have bent and how incredibly hard it is to cut. We made a clothes rack out of some green bamboo and rope. Most importantly, we finished covering our entire ceiling with fabric for dust control. That has been the best improvement so far. Now we only vacuum once a week instead of 2 or 3 times a day.

We went snorkeling the other day for a much needed escape. Karen was letting another Peace Corps Volunteer use her equipment so I snapped a quick picture of her.

Karen also finished making her solar cooker, but we haven’t had a sunny enough day to try it out. This is the rainy season. On the bright side the constant light rain is ideal for growing plants. Our corn is just over waist tall, and everything else is growing equally as fast. Our garden has become the talk of Peace Corps personnel and Samoans alike. We have recently transplanted three different kinds of Samoan Basil, Samoan Mint, Lau Pele, Kang Kong, Lemon Grass, Chives, Ginger, and Creeping Spinach. We are still about 2 months out from seeing anything edible though. We broke down and bought a guitar for mental sanity last weekend. It is a Kremona. I cannot find any model number though, so it is probably a fake from China but it is getting the job done. It is green fading to black. The neck is nice and straight and none of the frets buzz, so it was a good buy. We made soft shell tacos yesterday night with everything made fresh… even the tortillas. The guacamole was especially fresh, as we had just picked the avocados. Finally on our list of new we have a new addition to our Samoan family. A cat gave birth to a single kitten and abandoned it shortly there after. He somehow has become ours, but we don’t seem to mind. He is very playful considering he is only about 2 weeks old. I doubt we will name him. Cat seems to work for now. He loves us now, but I have a feeling that once we have his balls cut off he might not think so highly of us. He has the habit of walking in between your feet just like Suzie. The biggest difference is that there is no bloodletting swipe when you trip over him. We also figured out how to broadcast our dial-up internet wirelessly!! That means this post has been made wirelessly from Samoa!

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5 Responses to Life at home

  1. Carly says:

    This post makes me really happy! I love the snorkeling, guitar, garden, and kitty. 😀 Is his eye ok? How about Sam for a name?

    • Ria says:

      just checking the name of your primary school… Fasioti means kill…. ummm
      just checking…

      always happy to read your blogg… keep up the good work.

      • ntikaren says:

        Thanks for reading. In an effort to keep the school and personnel anonymous we used fasioti as the name. For such a violent school we felt that “fasioti” was appropriate.

  2. Andre says:

    Pretty kitty. Glad to see you’re no longer manscaping- at least not on your legs! Nice post, though. Happier than your latest musings about school days corporal punishment.

  3. Leigh Ann says:

    Aww, Cat is adorable! Love reading your posts!

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