Silly Dave Tries to Speak Samoan

And usually he’s excellent at it.  Sure he has his grammar problems – but hey – we all do.  But today was quite funny.

Dave, Pio, and I had gone to the beach for a nice relaxing day of snorkeling.  After we finished and were ready to go home, Dave called my principal to ask her to send her son to pick us up.  When she answered the phone, he said, “Matou te fiafia mamoe”.  What he wanted to say was “Matou te fia alu e momoe”. The latter translates to “We want to go home and sleep.” (typical Sunday afternoon activity)  What he actually said was “I like to eat mutton.” In a confused voice, my principal replied, “Nanei? (tonight?)”  When he said “no, now”, she kept trying to say that she didn’t have any.

Ah well.  Eventually we got it all straightened out and made it home in time to water our plants before they completely dried out from the sun.

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