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Aitu – Monsters!

Every culture seems to have its monsters. Samoa’s aitu/monsters are all ghosts, demons, or the devil itself. (At least as far as I know.) I have not yet heard about Bigfoot, the chupicabra, the Kraken, or any other fleshy beast. … Continue reading

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Samoan Umu

This is the traditional way to cook Samoan food.  I have been told that this version is not the original, but the only difference is that this one is above ground instead of below.  It seems to me that being … Continue reading

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Field Trip Samoan Style

Today Year 7 went to the beach/lagoon to find some vertebrates/invertebrates. To start they day off I got to school late because of a flat tire. One of the other teachers gave me a ride, so they were late as … Continue reading

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Spoiled in Paradise

On Friday, we went to the island of Manono.  Manono is the third biggest island in Samoa – about a mile and a half wide at the greatest point.  While going for a walk along the island, I had the … Continue reading

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Solar Cooker

Last January, I went to a conference in Washington, DC.  One of the sessions I attended was on building and using a solar cooker.  We even built one, but since it was the middle of winter back in New York, … Continue reading

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Plantation Life without the slaves pt. 2

Depending on your family’s land, you could be walking for several miles uphill to get to your plantation. Plantations can be as far as 8 miles inland. Occasionally there is a road, but not fit for vehicle use. As a … Continue reading

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