Field Trip Samoan Style

Today Year 7 went to the beach/lagoon to find some vertebrates/invertebrates. To start they day off I got to school late because of a flat tire.

Flat tire

One of the other teachers gave me a ride, so they were late as well. I let them sign in before me so there was no issue. Once we were through the principle’s red tape of why we should not go on a field trip (mainly because he wasn’t invited) the taxi showed up and off we went. The van could only hold about 15 students so it made 2 trips. It only took about 10 minutes to get there. I went with the girls in the first taxi and they wasted absolutely no time finding things. This was one of the first finds of the day.

Hermit Crab

A starfish was quickly found after the crab. The entire day was like this. Even though there were 46 kids running through the rocks and water grabbing

Starfish held by Serafina

everything they could find, everyone seemed to find something different. One girl even managed to catch a fish with her hands. I have no idea how she managed that.

Boys showing off their catch in the ocean

When everyone had collected enough examples there was some play time in the water. Some kids buried themselves in sand, others dug massive holes, but most were playing in the

This coral looks like it is still alive!

water. Afterwards we walked up to the vaita’ele so we could clean the sand and salt off our bodies. The kids were not prepared for that 30-minute walk uphill. After cleaning

a crowded bowl

off, we walked to the other teacher’s house and were served chicken curry with rice and sprim. Then the taxi brought us back to school, and we dismissed early since the rest of the school left

Year 7 students holding their catch ... a few are absent!

early to go pick up their paychecks. The kids told me that it was the best day of school ever, and wanted to know when we would have another field trip.

This could be the first day of being a Peace Corps volunteer that I have made a difference. Life is good.

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3 Responses to Field Trip Samoan Style

  1. Carly says:

    nice work!

  2. Andre Nacmanie says:

    what a great day. You’re really a great teacher, Dave. I love the look of joy on Serafina’s face. It’s great the kids could see that school doesn’t need to be terrifying.

  3. Solomona says:

    I accidently stumbled upon your blog while trying to get some information about our rugby sevens team…i can only say thank you for all the work you are doing for us….loving the pics

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