Beach Side Picnic

We closed out the busy Easter weekend with a family barbeque on the beach last Monday.  It was a Samoan style barbeque so the food was cooked on a wheelbarrow covered with steel grating.  There was lots of lovely foods like, mutton flaps, chickens, sausages, and a special treat, BAT.  They cooked the bats after removing their wings but not his head.  So, you can still see his little eye holes and sharp teeth.  Enjoy the pictures!

Bat on a grill

Also, these bats are HUGE compared to the dying variety you are used to seeing back in the states.  I believe these are fruit bats.  Anyway, they look like the bat symbol flying around the sky at night, and they move slowly like a hawk.


turn left...


show your teeth




tastes like chicken!

Don’t you wish you were here eating bat too?!

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5 Responses to Beach Side Picnic

  1. Andre Nacmanie says:

    I’d go for it. It looks good. H0w does bat taste? I bet it would be better with a jamaican jerk sauce marinade 🙂

  2. Andre Nacmanie says:

    You weren’t born yet but, Saturday Night Live had an ongoing bit with Dan Akroyd and Lorraine Newman. It was a take of on the late night “as seen on tv’ commercials. In this instance it was a spoof on miracle blenders. First there was the “Bass-o-matic” blender in which Akroyd puts a bass head in the blender and cut tp Lorraine Newman who drinks what we believe is liquefied bass head and says “Wow, that’s good Bass.” a week later you had the Bat-o-matic” blender in which he puts a bat in the blender. She drinks what seems to be liquefied bat and says “Man, that’s good Bat.” I guess you had to be there but, it was funny.

  3. Joanne says:

    OMG!!! I so couldn’t do that, I feel ill just looking at it!

  4. Beth Weeks says:

    Hey so I don’t have your email, but I got your letter. It got here really fast and mail is slow in this country. I am really impressed how fast it got here. I hope all is well.I will reply soon.

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