Many Thanks in Samoa!

In a previous post, Island Time is Not a New York Minute, we told the story of a crate of books from 2 generous people Bill and Kathleen.  Pictures have finally been taken and their crate has been sorted, cleaned, and put on the shelves.  This is one last final thank you to them for their efforts.


Bill and Kathleen are not the only people pitching in.  We would also like to thank, An Ocean of Books, Darien Book Aid, Leslie Yee, Lynne Lyons Lichtenberg, Monique Segarra, Shane Hoggard, and Skipping Stones Magazine  for their contributions.  They have all made donations of books to the library.  As their books get sorted, stamped, recorded, and shelved pictures will be snapped and this page will grow.

The library currently has more books than it has shelf space and floor space for.  The school committee has submitted a grant proposal to the American Embassy for a new Technology/Library Center.  Hopefully their proposal gets approved.  Until that happens and construction is finished however, many of the currently donated books do not have homes on the shelves.  Do not worry though, students will have access to these overflow books which will be stacked in open boxes until more space is created.  Thank you to all of you who have made book donations.

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