Updates from Karen

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that blog posts have been few and far between lately.  What excuse do we have for that? None, really – except that sometimes it’s hard to find new things to write about. This is Karen, by the way.  Usually, I let Dave do the blogging, but I think it’s time for me to start holding up my own end of the blogging job.


Some quick notes on what’s new here in Samoa:


– We got water on Friday! We have been without running water since the beginning of May and have been going through about fifty tons of red tape in order to get metered water installed at our house.  Just when we started to feel like it was a losing battle, the Samoa Water Authority showed up and connected us! Now that gives us the impetus to actually fix the leaky water pipes.  Yesterday, when Dave and I got back from a long, hot trip to Apia, it was the most amazing feeling to just step into our long unused shower and send under that refreshing freezing cold spray of water.

Still not quite sure how much water costs, but I’ve heard that it’s free for the first three months in order to give people an idea of how much they use and how much money it’s going to cost them.

Dave and our host mom are going back to Apia tomorrow to buy cement, locks, and pipe glue to make sure that no one else can use our water.


– Dave mentioned in his last post that we have had some incredibly generous donations to the schools.  I want to reiterate how amazing all the donations have been.  My school library has suddenly swelled to more than exceed the space available on the shelves.  Thanks again to Shane Hoggard, Lynne Lichtenberg Lyons, Kathleen and Bill Bander, Skipping Stones Magazine, Leslie Yee, Monique Segarra, and An Ocean of Books for the book donations.  I can barely get the books on the shelves fast enough and the kids are so eager to read the books.  I’ve got some kids even starting to read chapter books now!  Now I’ve got to revamp my organizational system so that everything is in its proper place – and my classroom isn’t a total mess.


– Saw the new Harry Potter movie on Saturday.  Pretty sweet! There’s time for fun things like movies here too.


– Here’s another unique Samoan experience — on Saturday, Dave and I got to the bus stop to go back home.  We saw the bus driver in the bus and asked him “O le a le taimi e alu le pasi?” (What time does the bus go?). He looked at me and said, “Le lava… taimi nei…” (essentially – he was tired so it was time to go – regardless of what time the bus is scheduled to go).  That explains why there is no 330 bus on Saturdays – it leaves early when the bus driver is sleepy.  Then he shaved his face while driving up the twisting and winding mountain pass. Ah Samoa.


– That’s all for now… it’s Sunday night and I have only done a little bit of lesson planning for the week.  time to get on top of that.

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2 Responses to Updates from Karen

  1. laura says:

    Hi Karen

    I found you blog by looking up punishment in Samoan schools.
    I am a student teacher ( on the home stretch, 4 more months to go…!) I live in New Zealand and the year 7 and 8’s (11 and 12 year olds) at the school i am placed at are about to embark on a unit study of Samoa… I was interested in setting up some sort of em-mail correspondence with a school in Samoa, so students get a feel for what it is like growing up in Samoa. Is there access to internet in the schools ( my guess is that it would be very limited if there was.. but it is worth a shot..) would you be interested in this if so?


  2. Andre Nacmanie says:

    Nice post, Karen. Glad you and Dave have running water again. Would you do me a favor? Please remind the people who were to send me an email about flights to Samoa to actually send me the email. I haven’t rec’d it yet. Thanks and much love stateside,


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