Flood in Samoa!

Toilet pipe explosion!

As we have described in a previous post, the water situation here went from poor to ridiculous.  Last night Karen and I returned from our exercise with the village.  As we approached the house I said to Karen “Do you hear water?”  Once I turned the key to unlock the door, it burst open and smacked me in the face.  Then I was hit by a wave of water.

Where's the bed in this bedroom?

Our entire house had been filling up for who knows how long.  Apparently, our house is more water tight that I had previously thought.  I yelled to Karen to turn off the outside valve and I ran in to investigate.  I heard water coming from

Is that the bed in the living room?

the bathroom.  I quickly assumed the leaky sink pipe had burst, so I ran there first.  Flicked on the light (it was night time) and the sink was fine… not even a single drip.  The toilet piping, however, had burst.  (Pipe picture) We immediately started picking up everything off the floor and pulling the water outside with every towel we had.  Unfortunately, we did not think to take any pictures until this morning.

This is not entirely a sad story though.

The kitchen linoleum needs to come up too 😦

There are great benefits to having a cement floor covered with unglued linoleum.  1.  Cement and linoleum do not absorb water.  This means it was relatively painless getting the water outside.  2.  We have been told by the Peace Corps Doctor that if you get an ant or any bug in your ear, you should fill your ear with water and the bug will float out.  Who knew?  Anyway, this flood did exactly that… just not in our ears.  Floating graveyards of cockroaches, giant spiders the size of my hand,

Oh, you can see the water level!

and a few hundred thousand ants were effortlessly swept out of our house.  BONUS!

Today, neither Karen nor I went into school.  We took all of our furniture out of the house to dry and then pulled up all of the linoleum.

Another water level measurement.

Not a terribly pleasant thing to do, but it is the only way to dry everything out.  It appears as though all of our electronics (so far) that were on the ground are in proper working order.  Some were even fully submerged including a power strip, Karen’s laptop

Braving the Vaitoa

cord, and 2 zip drives.

Right now, the sun is shining bright and hot, and the fan is blowing on the floor.  Hopefully, in a few hours we can start to put the house back together.  It has worked out well, since we wanted to clean the house thoroughly

Mama dog not looking very happy.


In other news, we went for a walk to the beach over the weekend.  We met some of our neighbors who asked if we wanted to walk back to the village via the shortcut.  We had never gone so we said ok.

OMG Plants! ... and wet clothes.

The shortcut is simply following the river back into the village.  Or perhaps I should say walking/swimming up the river.  The banks are thick with mangrove and even impassable for dogs.  We had our three dogs with us.  They made the trip but were extremely unhappy with the trip.

Pulu Ta'ele (we grow our own sponges!) There are about 16 baby plants in this picture.

Two of them are not comfortable swimmers and panicked a bit.  It was a lot of fun to start at the ocean in salt water, and walk upstream for about 20 minutes.  At the end of 20 minutes, the water is 100% fresh.  The marine and plant life

The plant looks dead but it keeps producing more tomatoes.

changed significantly in a very short period.  There were some mucky parts where our feet sank into our ankles… once past my knee.  Overall, it was very nice and worth doing again.  It is the perfect way to get all the salt of your clothes and body after being in the ocean.

Broccoli and self destructive Marigolds.

Here are a few pictures from around the house of the garden, Mr. Mint, and one of his mother.  Enjoy!




Momma cat is not a friendly cat.

Mr. Mint

Butternut Squash

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3 Responses to Flood in Samoa!

  1. ANTHONY says:

    When the water pressure has a lot of fluctuations keep the main valve 3/4 on and when away for long periods turn it down lower NOT completely off .This should help a little ,but the cheap Chinese plumbing supplies don’t help .Never turn the water off completely for long periods as you will cause a pressure build up elsewhere .

  2. glad your plumbing mishap came out to be just a minor annoyance with unexpected benefits because you were able to do some cleaning. Your cat, Mr. Mint looks like a marble bengal.

  3. Holy cow!!! Are you going to be able to dry everything out? Mr. Mint looks a bit like Molly.

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