Samoa Perimeter Relay 2011

Samoa Perimeter Relay 2011

The Samoa Perimeter Relay is a 6 member 104km relay around the eastern half of Upolu Island.  The relay starts at Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa.  It follows the south coast road to the very end of the island,
then swings back inland to cross the Le Mafa pass and take views of
the Afulilo dam.  From there it glides down through the picturesque
view of Le Mafa and Falefa.  The road leads to the north side of the
island and connects with the ocean for the remainder of the run.

There were 13 teams running in this year’s event.  We (Toa Pisikoa{Peace Corps Warriors) ran in the open mixed category.  The other Peace Corps team (Keige Kope {fast girls}) ran in the open women’s category.

We were Toa Pisikoa. Our team included Karen Corey, Katie Klane, Danny Butterfoss, Rivka Rocchio, Kyle Kincaid, Chris Rocchio, and David Nacmanie. The team came in with a time of 9hr 1min, winning first place in our division.

Keige Kope finished in 10hr 45min. (I think) They all did an awesome
job and won first place in their division as well.

Race day went pretty well.  However, it was not without its small
hiccups.  We arrived at the start line around 5:45am.  We lined up for
a group photo and found out the camera battery was still in the
charger at home.  Luckily, other members brought their cameras as
well.  We started running at 6:15am.  Karen started off running a 6km
leg.  There were 24 legs in all varying from 6.1km to 3.0km.  Our next
bump in the road came midway through the 4th leg.  Danny realized he took off his shirt (and race number) and put them on top of the van. Obviously it was no longer there.  The support van sped forward to drop off people at toilets and the next runner at the hand off point.
Then cruised back to the previous hand off point.  This did not bode
well with the runner when they saw the vehicle going in the wrong
direction.  In the end of the excursion the shirt was not recovered,
and the odometer in the van was off.  Fortunately, Karen and I
purchased a shirt for myself, and it fit Danny.  The relay control
center was understanding, and allowed him/us to finish the race
without the number.  The next bump was continual except for a brief
relief over Le Mafa pass, which was the sun.  However, fate did not
see it fit to grant us this temporary relief free of charge.  At the
same around the hand off points became extremely unclear.  We passed 3 markings on the road indicating the 11th hand off, then 2 indicating the 12th hand off.  This was mentally taxing for the runners, as this leg was entirely uphill… nothing like getting your hopes up, and having them crushed.
Aside from the continual bathroom stops on the side of the road and at the Mormon churches we finished in Apia without further issue.  That is assuming, kids begging for money, dogs chasing runners, aggressive drivers, and random people offering/forcing water bottles on runners are not issues.

Team Toa Pisikoa would not have been able to do any of this without
the help of our sponsors.  Many thanks to Dale Withington, Denise and Otis Jefferson, Emilie Hauser, Rosina Perthel, and Sue Lichtenberg.

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5 Responses to Samoa Perimeter Relay 2011

  1. thecandle2 says:

    CONGRATS Teams Peace Corps!!! It’s really exciting to recognize these names! Hope nobody’s too sore. My $ was on the Peace Corps the whole time. 9 hours of running. Wow! Did Slava manage to finish the race? Great job all of you!!!

  2. ntikaren says:

    Slava completed the end race by himself. It took him about 15 hours. I was not there yet when he finished so I am unsure of his time. When he got his award he looked like he does any other day. You could not tell he had just run a 104km race.(64.6 miles)

  3. ntikaren says:

    … the entire, not end.

  4. thecandle2 says:

    He’s a beast!!! He should hook up with Erick!

  5. Faipepe says:

    I’d sure like to run one of those. I’ve done Mt Rainier to the Pacific and Mt. Marathon in Alaska. However, I did grow up in Upolu and know of the places that run covers. I’ve spent a lot of time in Falefa and Faleapuna. I grew up in Vaivase across from Samoa College. I recently bought a treadmill with Google map and started running the routes from my house in Vaivase to Apia via Apia Park. It was so funny that distances I used to think were so far growing up was only 3 miles from my house downhill.

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