Trip to New Zealand

Roni Wrap at the Dunedin farmers market

Now that we are back from our vacation in New Zealand and have finished despidering our house, we have some time to make a few posts on our vacation.

We started out in Auckland.  We went to The Loving House vegan restaurant.  We had bought a groupon for this place and were not disappointed at all.

The Camina... The south's answer to the Camaro?

I can only remember that we got something which had a mushroom roll in it.  Anyway, the food was strange but very good, and the groupon was an insane value.  It was cold and an otherwise unmemorable evening.

Get ready folks, this camina will blow your doors off...

The next morning we flew with Jet Star to Dunedin.  Dunedin is supposed to have the best farmers market in all of New Zealand.  It was nice, but we found it hard to believe that it was the best…

Mints with class... sorry it's on its side.

until we went to some others later in our trip.  It was small but had all of the essentials to make it nice.  We bought some cherries and bread, and found a vegan restaurant that we couldn’t pass up.

Karen in Te Anau

Of course we got a Roni Wrap and also tried the All Hail Kail Bowl.  Our choice was ok, but the food around us looked much tastier.

We also found ourselves walking through the museums just to escape the cold windy rainy day.

Dave in Te Anau

The weather was a nice change from Samoa, but a little too extreme for day 2.   Mid afternoon we headed over to Cadbury world for our chocolate tour.  It came with a short movie about the company and then a tour.  During the tour our goofball tour guide was to give

A beautiful morning in Te Anau

out candy to people (KIDS) who answered his questions correctly.  In the end he gave the kids pitty chocolate because Karen blurted out every answer except for the 2 that I blurted out.  Granted some of the questions the kids would never have gotten, the kids eyed Karen with hatred.  Much to our disappointment the chocolate was horrific.  Everything had some sort of filling or topping.  There was not a single piece of just chocolate.  Feeling let down we walked over to an artisan chocolate place called Patagonia.  We bought some over priced chocolate, it was good, but the lady was rushing us around, and not really paying attention to what we were saying.  Good chocolate, bad service.

To finish our day off we headed over to the Speights brewery tour.  This was the best beer making tour we have ever been on.  The tour lasted about an hour, which took us through old and new parts of the brewery, and then there was the drinking hour which followed.  We sampled all of the beers they brewed there under the Speights label, and then enjoyed a few more glasses of our favorite.  The drinking room had a bar where the guy would fill your glass, AND the wall had taps coming out of them so you could fill your own glass if you wanted to.  We left there giggling and tripping over ourselves.  The money spent on the tour was well worth it, and was the highlight of Dunedin.

The next day before our bus left we went to the Otago (maybe) Museum.  It was a nice place to burn time waiting for the bus.  I seem to remember they had nice bathrooms.

Our bus ride was uneventful, except that the driver was very chatty and helpful with questions.  The bus was also amazingly empty and HUGE.  We drove along the short presidential highway, which links the towns of Clinton and Gore.  If you don’t understand why it was called the presidential highway, you should do some research on past presidents. Our bus arrived in Te Anau that evening.  We checking into our hostel and went to sleep.

The next day or two was spent shopping for our hike along the Milford track, and enjoying the scenery in this sleepy little town.  We also took part in an astronomy lesson which was quite nice and FREEZING.  The guy had the best laser pointer ever.  He would point it in the sky and the clearest green line would stop directly on what ever he was talking about… We NEED to get one… and a 12inch or larger diameter telescope.  His laser pointer was supposed to be able to shine a dot 7km away, did I mention it was green?  My birthday comes on December 23 which is close to Christmas and Hannukah.

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  1. wow. looks beautiful in New Zealand. The car looks like a late 80’s/early 90’s Nissan Pulsar or a variation thereof. 🙂 NZ must have odd weather patterns. I mean it’s summer there so you wouldn’t normally think it would be cold midsummer. How cold was it? Do they sell that Speights beer stateside? I’ll look for it in your honor 🙂 Well, I’m saving my shekels and look forward to visiting this summer.

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