Garden Update

We haven’t posted new pictures of our garden in quite a while, so I ran out quickly this morning a snapped a few shots.  I hope you enjoy.

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6 Responses to Garden Update

  1. nice, Karen and Dave. lettuce looks delicious. what’s the dog eating?

  2. thecandle2 says:

    Very cool. Can you post what it picture is?

  3. thecandle2 says:

    Let’s try that again – what each picture is?

  4. carlylynne says:

    Your welcome. Your spicy mesclin mix looks like the giant red mustard I have in my backyard. Does it taste like horseradish?

    • ntikaren says:

      Some people say it tastes like horseradish. Regardless it is a bit too spicy for Samoan people in general. Do you have any recipes that go especially well with the spicy lettuce?

  5. carlylynne says:


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