Trip to New Zealand continued

The JET Boat. We didn’t go, but it looked pretty fast.

After our hike along the Milford track. We were ready to take a shower and sleep in a proper bed.  We spent the first night in Te Anau, and then caught an early morning bus to Queenstown.  While we spent several days there we took very few pictures.  The city was very touristy and not to our liking.  Unfortunately we were stuck there through Christmas.

Candle LadyThey did have a small market, and a great ice cream store.  The ice cream place was awesome.  Too bad they aren’t a chain… they could go a long way in the states.

We took a walk through their botanical garden which was nice, but is encircled by a disk golf course.  The park had a nice pond full of ducks and various birds.

She was the most interesting part of this city.

She was the most interesting part of this city.

All around the park were signs saying “don’t feed the birds” and everywhere you looked there were people pretending to not be feeding the birds.  The lake was nice, and the views were also nice, but I think we were a bit too tired to really enjoy it.

At least there are some pictures

At least there are some pictures

After Queenstown we headed down to the Mavora Lakes area where we started our 4 day horseback riding journey.  This was a ton of fun.  There were a few mishaps, and the owner didn’t seem to really be intune with what was going on, and brought her young kids along.  Needsless to say, we were less than impressed with her.  But the horses (for the most part) were fun, and the scenery was perfect.

Oh, she was wearing a black dress.

Oh, she was wearing a black dress.

Day 1 we started at the upper half of the south Mavora Lake, and rode south from there.  The road was also open to 4 wheel drive vehicles, so occasionally we had to make room for them.  This only happened within the first few hours though.  We made a lunch stop at a small hut.  Our guide made lunch, and we enjoyed the indoor safety from the sand-flies, as we call them at home black-flies.  From there the road got pretty steep, and we could see out across the valley which was split in 2 by the end of a mountain.   There were herds of cows and sheep grazing below, and a small slip from your horse meant certain death.  An hour or so in we have to ford a river/stream.  Our guide’s horse had never been on this trail before and was not happy about water… or being ridden in general.  Karen’s horse was just a follower, end of discussion.  Fortunately, Dave’s horse was happy to lead, with Dave at the front they pushed through the streams/rivers.

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