Mavora Lake Days 2 – 4

Sheep were climbing up the mountain.

Day two we made our way back to the southern lake.  We came to the conclusion that horses are a better mode of transportation that motorized transport.  There were several SUVs driving around the trails… needless to say they all got stuck.

Sheep were above us.

We had a good laugh and rode on by.  A little bit later we saw an idiot on a dirt-bike try to cross the stream.  His engine stalled and there he was in the middle of 3 foot deep water with a steaming bike.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

More sheep above us. Why are they up there?

He must have been a special kinda stupid.  Anyway, the guide and I rode back without any problems.  Karen however broke the steering wheel on her horse.  Really somewhere along the way her horse

Nice green pasture. The wind rippled through the grass very nicely.

started to dislike her, so he walked Karen through every low branch possible.  She was less than happy by the end of the day.

Next we took the horse trailer and relocated to a different site.  This

Our missed lunch stop.

was a simple out and back.  The guide said 2 hours out, and then we can decide if we want to go further once we get to the hut.  In keeping with her less than special attitude she went before us and took

It was a very beautiful ride through these hills.

her kids along.  We were happy at first since we wouldn’t have to deal with her kids for this leg of the trip.  Off we went, and all I can say is SHEEP!!!!.  They were everywhere.  They came in many

What happened to the grass?! It was so green a minute ago.

varieties, caged, fenced, free, wild, alive, and dead.  Who knew a few farms would have such diversity through 1 type of animal.  After sheep, the 2nd most notable thing was of course the natural beauty.  There was

Karen enjoying the cool air and a nice fleece

no such thing as a gently rolling hill.  Everything was extreme and sudden.  Streams came cascading down unimaginably steep hills that somehow sheep had climbed.  Perhaps they are like people

That horse HATED water. Too bad we had to cross like 500 times.

and cats.  They are happy to go up, but coming down is a different story.

Because the owner/guide told us it was only 2 hours to get there we passed the first possible lunch stop/hut.  3 hours

Karen and her horse

into the trip we were starting to get hungry.  Around this point the novice guide that was left with us told us that she had never been here before and had no idea where the actual destination hut was.  We were

Dead sheep

simply following the river/stream so it wasn’t a big deal, until we started coming to y-intersections in the track.  We hit more dead ends and washed out sections than I care to remember.  In the

Riverbed below

end it took us 4hours 30 minutes to get to the destination.  Upon arrival the owner still maintained that it only took her 2 hours the last time she came up there.  She also added to that, that she was riding her fastest horse and it was unladen with food and such.  Thankfully, the ride was very beautiful, and the weather was cooperating.  Unfortunately, once we got to the hut the owner and her novice guide went and took a nap and left us to babysit her kids.  Ok enough, you get the point.  Don’t waste your time with this tour company.

Day 4 we rode back to the horse trailer.

It was HOT. Not Samoa hot, but it was New Zealand hot.  The rain held out just until we got to the truck which was nice.  In the end they dropped us off in Queenstown.  Saying goodbye was the best part about that company.

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1 Response to Mavora Lake Days 2 – 4

  1. Cathy Hanson says:

    The pictures you’ve posted are amazing! It’s hard to believe that you are nearing the end of your time abroad. You have seen some pretty beautiful things, and endured some not so great things too. What a trip!

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