Driving across the USA from Pittsburgh PA to Taos NM.

Before I get into my cross country trip, it is important to recognize that we no longer live in Samoa.  I haven’t even logged into wordpress since we left in late 2012.  I was shocked this morning to see that we still have over 150 views per day!


I drove from Pittsburgh PA to Taos NM because I am attending the Earthship Academy.  If you do not know what this is simply take a look here. Leaving Pittsburgh was not terribly fun.  I’d just gotten used to living with Karen again which made it difficult to say goodbye.

Karen saying goodbye

Karen saying goodbye

I said goodbye to the slopes of Pittsburgh and decided I needed to have some small goals to break up the trip.

Slopes and the Pittsburgh smart car.

Slopes and the Pittsburgh smart car.

  One of which was taking pictures of anything and everything I found interesting.  The first thing that caught my attention was this truck. (Schwan’s) 



Not that it is spelled correctly but it certainly sounds like schwanz, which gave me a good laugh.  Next on the list was state borders.  Turns out West Virginia is poorer than I though and cannot afford a proper “Welcome to West Virginia” sign.  All you get is a blue rest stop.

West Virginia

West Virginia

Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri made a better showing. 

DSCN1746 DSCN1747 DSCN1748

Driving along I quickly because the smallest vehicle on the road.  i wasn’t expecting this since I was in a Nissan xterra.  It turns out that there are so many trucks in Illinois that they need trucks to carry trucks.  I wonder if 4 is the limit.

Trucks on Trucks

Trucks on Trucks

Missouri was extremely unimaginative when they were naming their roads.


Nothing more to report on here, except that farm equipment is allowed on the interstate highway.

Is this a corn harvester?

Is this a corn harvester?

Kansas made no attempt at a sign or I didn’t see it.  I noted 3 things about Kansas:

1. It is relatively flat, but has miles of rolling hills.


2. Random things burn on the side of the road in Kansas.


3. Cows like to hang around oil wells.



Kansas also tried to have a small tourist thing going on with regard to The Wizard of Oz.  If you are in the driving zombie zone, it is easily missed.  In my case I went by around 6:30 in the morning.  Somehow I don’t think they are offering free wine tasting at that hour.  I’ve heard though that it is a nice place to stop.

Wamego Kansas

Wamego Kansas

One of the advantages to driving a lumbering SUV is wind has little affect on the vehicle compared to a smart car.  With that said it makes sense that I was unaware of how windy it was and why I was initially surprised to see a few wind turbines.  Then I was like why aren’t there more?!  Here is a YouTube clip of what I was seeing.

Then Kansas has strange possible highway closures.  I haven’t looked up what they are about, but I could not work out any rhyme or reason in my head as to their purpose.

Route 70  - closed or not?

Route 70 – closed or not?

Colorado is proud of the Tuskegee Airmen and the Rockies were hidden by rain.

Colorado border

Colorado border

The Rockie mountains are awesome to look at through clouds and rain...

The Rockie mountains are awesome to look at through clouds and rain…

Can you see the Rockies?!

Can you see the Rockies?!

There was also this guy who REALLY wanted his motorcycle.  Colorado is also 1 of only 5 states in the US to not require helmets when riding motorcycles.  I wonder how this woman felt when we hit a small bit of hail a few miles after this picture was taken.

Motorcycle in a small truck

Motorcycle in a small truck

Idiots without helmets.

Idiots without helmets.

I’ve heard there are some crazy vibes/juju magic out here.  Some people believe in it so strongly that they get scared and turn around in the face of the mountains.  I thought this was a small one, but you can still see people loosing their minds and turning around in the middle of the road!

Rockie Mountain Juju magic and it's bad vibes.

Rockie Mountain Juju magic and it’s bad vibes.

The border of Colorado and New Mexico is serious no mans land. DSCN1839 DSCN1838


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