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Long Distance Road Trip in our 2013 Nissan Leaf

We drove up to New York for Thanksgiving a few weeks ago in our other car and were disappointed by he cost of travel. Between gas and tolls we spent about $130 (not including gas while driving around NY for … Continue reading

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Earthships: Up close and personal

Earthships certainly do not look like traditional houses from the east coast, nor do they function in the same way.  They are quirky, extremely labor intensive, produce a measurable amount of waste during the building phase and require maintenance that … Continue reading

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Living in Taos, New Mexico

Driving across the country has made the time adjustment absolutely painless.  Each morning I see the things we only imagine of in New York.  This entry will be mostly pictures presented in chronological order. 

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Things to miss about Samoa

Since we have changed our internet provider it has become amazingly difficult to make blog posts.  Our new plan limits our megabyte usage to 500mb/month.  When you check your email, it is roughly 2mb.  Try and count how many times … Continue reading

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Queenstown onwards.

We spent New Years Eve in Queenstown.   Queenstown had a huge drunken mosh-pit style party going on.  There was an advertised fireworks show at the stroke of midnight.  … Less than impressive. They had a few nice ones, but there … Continue reading

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Mavora Lake Days 2 – 4

Day two we made our way back to the southern lake.  We came to the conclusion that horses are a better mode of transportation that motorized transport.  There were several SUVs driving around the trails… needless to say they all … Continue reading

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Day 1 of Mavora Lakes Horse Trek

In the last post I already wrote about day 1.  Here I will simply post the pictures from first day.  I simply stood in one place and took pictures while slowly spinning.  The screen was not working on my camera … Continue reading

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